Who are we ?

Baniol is a company, a mobile application service that started 4 years ago. It is the outcome of a conjugated effort of investment, love and goodwill that aims at contributing to the improvement of transportation for our people.
The Baniol App allows you to order a ride for your daily commute or while running errant around town, as well as to ship a parcel to somebody around the country. All these services are provided with a great deal of security.
Opening hours

Monday – Friday
8AM – 6PM

Our location

Douala Akwa, Direction Générale MTN

Contact information

2 33 47 72 95

Considering the importance of moving people and goods around to sustain the economy, this mobile app is developped to support that process by offering a way to manage these needs and provide a better experience for all the stakeholders

Our mission

• To provide you with technologies that support your customized needs in transportation

Our technologies offers solutions for inner-city as well as intercity transportation in Cameroon.

• To Provide you with innovative services for your trips

We provide ridesharing and parcel delivery services to everyone in the social pyramid. Many other specialized transportation services are under development

• To ensure maximum security to all drivers and riders on the platform

We support our users from the moment of app download up to the end of each trip.

Our services


ridesharing alone or accompanied, for all innercity trips, out of twon trips, or trips between cities in Cameroon. city / intercity (simple ou VIP)

Parcel shipping in Cameroon

Package delivery will be everywhere in Cameroon. The technology offers parcel tracking all the way to its destination

Our values

Our leitmotiv en words :







Our history

2016: Mr. Armand TADEM trying to find an urgent medication in Douala had enormous difficulties in getting it on time. Because he had to go from pharmacy to pharmacy, he thus notes the need to go beyond hitchhiking, to reduce the cost of travelling in the city, improve comfort during these trips (stress, time, parking), to reduce and optimize cost related to transportation and finally to facilitate rides accessibility. The importance of decongesting (traffic jams) city junctions and squares during peak hours in order to reclaim public spaces.

2017: He thinks of a digital mobile application that takes into account all the parameters and problems of transportation in Cameroon and very quickly he develops his idea. The market analyses are done and followed by the coding of the service backbone.

2018: The first market tests are carried out and the application is developed and deployed by its team of developers

2019: After obtaining approvals, partner services are integrated

2020: The pandemic delays the market launching

Juin 2021: the application is updated, and new features are integrated to make it more optimal

Août 2021: the last tests are done and Baniol is definitely up and running!

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