Maximize your revenue using
a tailored plan for your trips

Convert your free time into cash by using this new driver App. made in close collaboration with experienced drivers in your city; just to help you succeed. Help people and parcels get to destinations. Drive when you want: no office, no boss! No matter what happens, we want your trips to be memorable.

Why becoming a Baniol Partner-Driver ?


Baniol: Best drivers for great rides; maximize your earnings at rush hours.


Available and immediate rides in the city, between cities, or parcels delivery: you decide!


Pricing for parcels and rides are transparent on the Baniol App. and payable by mobile money (Orange money and MTN momo)


You can cash out at any time:transactions are processed, and the cash amount is deposited in the driver’s mobile money account ever 30 minutes. No withdrawal fees applied.


A smart way to earn money! You see what you earn on each trip in the App. You take the rides you want at your own chosen time. This helps you organize your schedule to maximize your daily earnings.



A dedicated and available team to help you succeed.

How to become a driver–partner in 4 simple steps:

You are not a professional driver yet? Let us help offer you multiple alternatives you can seize to become a baniol partner driver and earn money on the App.
These are the requirements:

1. Having a vehicle in good shape

To join the Baniol driver network,
you must have a car in good shape
that has passed inspection for the
transportation of people and has obtained all the needed

2. Vehicle’s documents:

You must have all the official
documents of the vehicle up-to-date
and provide copies to Baniol team
prior to account activation.
Documents to provide:

3. Valid payment method

You must provide a MTN momo or a
Orange money Account to collect
payments due to you.


You must have a Android
smartphone as young as Android5,
and stay connected with mobile
data during working hours.


For our driver–partner

Come join us on the drivers preferred platform! Take advantage of a partner that listens to you: We highly view your position of professional driver: we take into account your feedback and recommendation in order to help you succeed and re-enforce our partnership. That’s why we have developed a support system to help you maximize your performance permanently.

4 main objectives of Baniol

balanced work

Making a balanced work relationship for each driver


Improving your workflow using technology

civil protection

Ensure civil protection and safety using our network


Guide you through your daily way of work

Our partner drivers: their testimonies

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our services.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help

Making money while driving is a big part of why you decided to use Baniol. We make it as easy as possible to keep track of your income earned from shopping. To drive or deliver, the app provides practical and useful tools. Your income is displayed at the top of the screen. Find resources in the app to view your total info and other details in real time.

First try closing the app (if possible, don’t let it run in the background; close it completely). If it still doesn’t work when you open it again, you can reset your phone’s network settings or delete the driver app and reinstall it.

Baniol does not provide a smartphone. Driver partners must have a smartphone to drive.

Your customers pay by Orange mobile Money or by MOMO through Baniol

Your safety is important to us. Baniol implements a highly secure technology for all your transactions carried out on the application.


You only need 5 minutes to start registering online. However, it is necessary to physically come and finalize your registration in our Partners Area at Akwa.

Our team is at your disposal to help by putting you in touch with fleet owners or rental agencies who offer attractive prices on vehicles that comply with current regulations.

Baniol works with professional driver partners who are free to schedule and organize. We do not impose any minimum hourly volume: the partner is entirely free of the use he wishes to make of Baniol.